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A Marketer Helps Plastic Surgeons Get to the Point

How can plastic surgeons distinguish themselves?

Zach Stone: No one can market your practice better than a happy patient. It isn’t just about how good a surgeon you are, but how good you are at providing a consistent experience.

How do they grow their brand?

Stay in touch with current, past, and prospective patients through regular print and newsletters. Stay top-of-mind and prompt more referrals. Humanize your brand so patients feel a connection with your team. 

What makes marketing effective?

If you can understand their pain points, the right message at the right time will resonate with your audience.

Zach Stone, Director of Marketing Operations, Foster Web Marketing

Choosing the right specialist for the right treatment is vital. Nowhere today is that more true than for cosmetic surgery, where the background and training of doctors performing aesthetic procedures varies widely.

More than plastic

Cosmetic surgery is the medical specialty that uses innovative surgical and medical techniques to enhance the physical appearance of the face or body, helping to improve a patient’s self-esteem and confidence — including breast enhancement, liposuction and botox. While doctors can become board certified in cosmetic surgery in addition to their other specialties (from dermatology to gynecology), many are dabbling in aesthetic techniques without the background, training and skills to provide them safely and effectively.                 

The leading educational platform for this specialty, the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery (AACS) provides opportunities for specialists to receive the necessary education, training and experience in cosmetic surgery, including a post-residency fellowship program to enhance their credentials.

Who has the tools?

Due to the rapidly growing technologies in this field one of the biggest trends in the specialty is cosmetic gynecology, such as vaginal rejuvenation — using lasers to stimulate the formation of collagen in the vagina and ease dryness, looseness and mild urinary incontinence. Any doctor can purchase these and other devices, but without a background in cosmetic surgery and appropriate training, they learn how to use them by trial and error. Not fully understanding the limitations of the techniques, they often promise patients more they can deliver.

Additionally, a less-experienced doctor without the right credentials may only offer one treatment. But it’s important to know there are often multiple options, and a different one may work best for you. The cosmetic surgeon can recommend the best treatment option for the individual patient, and has the expertise to perform the procedure safely and effectively.

For example, there are a variety of wrinkle-erasing fillers, from hyaluronic acid to botulinum toxin, and a high level of skill is necessary to ensure the right one is chosen and placed correctly. Further, cosmetic surgeons can offer patients a more comprehensive approach to managing their issues, such as accomplishing various aesthetic needs during one procedure. That’s why savvy patients choose credentials over convenience. For a cosmetic procedure, the cosmetic surgeon is the right choice.