What do you do when you need to be seen by a doctor? The answer is simple: you call, make an appointment for when you’re free and show up at that time, right? Well, it has become a bit more complicated than that.


Often times doctors might not have availability in their schedule for days, weeks and sometimes months at a time. So, what do you do then? Do you go to an urgent care? Well, if you live in a place where there exists an urgent care, this is absolutely an option.

If you live in a place where urgent cares cease to exist for miles, then maybe you resort to utilizing the ER. Now, you may recognize that your health concern is not emergent in nature, but you cannot wait a few days to see a doctor, cannot afford to take the time to drive to an urgent care hours away and really need to be seen that same day. Now, you wait your time at the ER, are finally seen by a doctor and leave with a bill that you might not be able to afford. You either ignore the bill, costing the system money, or you pay it yourself, even if you cannot afford to pay it.

“Now more than ever we need to focus on encouraging people to enter the field of medicine to be innovators of medicine.”


Why does health care seem so difficult to obtain these days and what does this mean for the future of health care?

There is a looming shortage of medical professionals in our country and this is making it more difficult than ever to provide people with the health care they need and deserve. There are various points of entry into the field of medicine for medical professionals and all bring something unique and necessary to patient care.


Now more than ever we need to focus on encouraging people to enter the field of medicine to be innovators of medicine and to strive to provide care for the many who do not have access to care. If we refuse to acknowledge the imminent shortage now, we will be in trouble in the forthcoming years and it will be too late to act in an effective manner.

What will you do to ensure that people are able to receive health care? Will you join the ranks of medical professionals? Will you help to make a difference in health care?