We recommend careful selection of a surgeon and surgical facility as critical to avoiding increased risks especially when traveling for plastic surgery. We have on several occasions called for global changes in legislation to insure a higher level of patient safety by preventing untrained individuals from offering procedures, which they are not trained or qualified to perform.

Traveling far from home for cosmetic surgery can be risky as standards are so different around the world. We cannot stress enough the importance of patients finding board-certified plastic surgeons for any cosmetic procedure. Safe surgery should be every patient’s first priority.

Four facets are critical to the practice of safe aesthetic plastic surgery:

  1. Appropriate Procedure for the Patient

  2. Patient’s Risk Factors 

  3. Surgeon’s Qualifications

  4. Surgical Facility Accreditation

Efforts to establish standard criteria that support and regulate who can perform what procedure on which patient and in what type of facility are gaining momentum, but often patients are enticed by low cost or trendy procedures that could be dangerous.

Patients planning to travel any distance for aesthetic surgery should clearly understand that they are adding another level of risk compared to finding a certified surgeon closer to home. It is imperative that they choose a surgeon with experience in the specific procedure they seek that will provide not only the surgery, but also postoperative care and advice. Patients should inquire what insurance the surgeon carries in case they face complications later.