Lynn O’Connor Vos

CEO, Greyhealth Group

“As genetic testing becomes increasingly affordable, the genetic sequencing of every patient could become a reality.”

Michel Nadeau

CEO, Tactio Health Group

“Now that the clinical e-infrastructure is in place, it’s time to double down and digitize the patient experience.”

Peter Masanotti

CEO, Casenet

“When technologies, people and data work in harmony, a real, positive impact can be made on the health of individuals and populations.”

Nate Hwang

Vice President and General Manager, Zimmer Biomet Signature Solutions

“Digital health technologies are key to driving the personalized engagement necessary for patients to take ownership of their care.”

Hans C. Kastensmith

CEO, Privis Health

“We mistakenly believe that a new insurance system will reduce health care costs when, in fact, health care delivery reform has the largest effect on lowering health care costs.”