1. Post a resume

You’ve put so much work into it; now make sure it’s easily found. Create a searchable resume by including relevant and accurate keywords when posting it to online job boards.

2. Sign up for job alerts

No one can scour every new posting as it goes live. Lessen your work load and save time by creating job alerts so you’re the first to know about new opportunities that match your interests and abilities.

3. Utilize social media

Refine your online and public social media image to ensure your professional skills are noticed first and foremost. You can decide what makes you memorable.

4. Ace the interview

In preparation for an interview, research the company you’re interviewing with and be sure you’re up-to-date on industry news. It’s also a great idea to practice common interview questions prior to the big day and think of questions you have about the company and the position; all employers want to see that you’re invested.