Galina Datskovsky, Ph.D.

CRM, FAI, CEO, Vaporstream

“I think we will see a far greater push for security, ephemerality and confidentiality protection.”

Roy Schoenberg

CEO, American Well, Creator, Amwell

“It’s literally putting health care in people’s hands and giving them the experience they deserve.”

Christian Reilly

CTO, Citrix

“Terminology, visuals, consent forms, disclaimers and other data can create information overload.”

Harry Wang

Senior Research Director, Parks Associates

“Imagine yourself in control of how you manage your personal health and well-being, and being able to do so with confidence.”

Brad Brooks

Co-Founder & CEO, TigerText

“The next hurdle is to standardize health care communication practices across the industry.”

Phil Gaziano

Chief Data Officer, Physicians Accountable Care Solutions, LLC

“It’s important to have a check in place that ensures that anyone who has access to information is relevant.”

Ben Kraus

President, Quality Health Ideas, Inc.

“The value is evident to most, the sensitivity and security is the flip-side of the coin that needs to be rock-solid.”

Feli Thurmayr

Chair and Chief Medical Officer, Quality Health Ideas, Inc.

“One could argue that 50 percent of providers are connected somehow already.”