Galatea is a mythological Greek goddess, representing the “perfect woman.” Pygmalion, a talented Greek sculptor carved a statue of a beautiful woman out of ivory. He worked long and hard on defining her features until she was the most exquisite statue of a woman. Seeing his hard work and dedication, the goddess of love, Aphrodite, rewarded Pygmalion by bringing the statue of Galatea to life.

This story of bringing beauty and strength to life, appealed to the company that produces cosmetic and reconstructive surgical support, so they named themselves after the goddess. Galatea Surgical, Inc. develops, manufactures and distributes FDA-approved scaffolds for use in plastic and reconstructive surgeries where soft-tissue support is needed. For many women this scaffold has enabled them to feel strong and beautiful, both inside and out.

Natural regeneration

Over time, tissue loses collagen and does not have sufficient mechanical strength to give support. Galatea scaffolds are monofilament and bioresorbable — they provide a lattice for the patient’s own tissue to regenerate, resulting in a stronger repair. The scaffolds are made from a propriety polymer, P4HB, which is unique in that it is biologically derived and not synthetic or obtained from human or animal tissue.

“Your body naturally bioresorbs P4HB leaving behind only strong, healthy tissue,” said Lois Lombardi, Vice President at Galatea Surgical. “Our scaffolds offer patients and surgeons a natural alternative to internal tissue support for achieving the goal of longer, more enduring surgical results and increasing overall patient satisfaction.”

“With other scaffolds that have been used for surgery, when they dissolve they don’t have long-term support,” said William P. Adams, Jr., MD, Associate Clinical Professor at UT Southwestern Department of Plastic Surgery. “The P4HB scaffold takes a year and a half to dissolve and is replaced by type 1 and type 3 collagen. The scaffold is gone, but the tissue is three times stronger.”

Of the scaffold’s material, Dr. Adams added: “There have been a lot of soft-tissue support products through the years, but they are much different and aren’t very biocompatible. This product is made of an easily absorbable monofilament, rather than a multifilament, which reduces infection.”

'“Something biocompatible wasn’t an option in the past. This [scaffold] will allow it to feel like a normal breast while providing support.'”

Results doctors and patients love

“Most scaffolds of the past were of a permanent nature,” said Dan Mills, M.D., FACS, American Plastic Surgical Institute, citing that past products were made of a material that could be felt through the skin. “Something biocompatible wasn’t an option in the past. This [scaffold] will allow it to feel like a normal breast while providing support. That’s the beauty of this.”

Dr. Mills’ patients have been very happy to date with this naturally produced scaffold. “They have found that they are not bottoming out. I have used [the scaffold] on patients that have had previous breast reductions where they did bottom [out] but now are not. It’s a win win.”

Love your look

“I’m really excited to have another tool in our toolbox we didn’t have before that regenerates collagen,” said Dr. Mills. “There are no better innovators than plastic surgeons using new tools to get better results. This gives us a new dimension in internal support for soft tissue — especially in mastopexy [a procedure to lift sagging breasts] — that we’ve never had.” Dr. Adams added that the P4HB scaffolds are also used for constructive surgeries like hernia repair.

Galatea P4HB technology has expanded in its innovation to offer the first and only 3D scaffold for plastic and reconstructive surgery. “Our bodies are three-dimensional,” said Lombardi. “We’ve created scaffoldings that are designed to complement the body’s natural shape, saving surgery time and making the product much easier for surgeons to use.”

Supporting strength and beauty, inside and out, is important to Lombardi. “The difference that surgeons can make when using these scaffolds in their patients' surgeries is absolutely miraculous. The results that we continue to see with our scaffolds really motivate our team to help all patients support the look that they love.”