Why do dark circles and bags appear and how to get rid of them?

March 29, 2022 0 Comments



Either they are inherited or they appear as an effect of aging, tiredness, stress, weight loss or pour nutrition, dark circles are a reason of frustration for those who cannot get rid of them, no matter what they do. When under eye bags appear after a white night or a long exam session, when you work on the computer, you don’t have to worry, because they will disappear the nest or second day.


“If dark circles are present every day, you cannot treat them with indifference and resignation anymore, because fortunately there are fast and safe solutions that remove them on a long term” declares Dr. Oz.


Why do dark circles appear and which is the difference between them and the under eye bags?


Initially, dark circles appear after a period without sleep or in which you solicited your eyes too much, but in time, they can become permanent. The main reason is that liquids are no longer evacuated correctly outside the body.


“Moreover,  people who don’t have fats on their cheeks or they have well formed cheeks, are more likely to have dark circles because their skin slacks as they get older or lose weight, leading to dark circle formation” mentions Dr. Oz.


Little rest and a low quantity of liquids favors not only dark circles, but also the under eye bags, which can be a sign of kidney, endocrine or hepatic  conditions. Therefore, depending on previous situations, it is recommended to consult an urologist, endocrinologist or intern medicine in order to find out the cause of unaesthetic bags.


How can you get rid of old and deep dark circles and under eye bags?


If you have gotten rid of applying tons of foundation creams and anti dark circle creams every day, in order to hide or reduce dark circles and/or under eye bags, there is a permanent solution: esthetical interventions.


For instance, the dark areas around the eyes can be reduced in intensity through micro abrasion, a peeling with substances that bleach your skin.


But the fastest way of reducing dark circles, even if it doesn’t cure them for good, is hyaluronic acid injection. This type of intervention must be repeated every 9 months, because the acid disappears afterwards. The price of this intervention is 250 euros for 1 mm of injected substance.


They can also be removed by blefaro-plastie, a surgery through which the lines are filled by reassembling  the tissues and repositioning the fats. This type of procedure is recommended to those who are 35 years old already. The price is of approximately 1.600 euros.


Another method is injecting the affected areas with your own fat, under general or local anesthesia. First, the fat is collected, then it is prepared – centrifuged or decanted in order to remove the fat cells from the excessive liquid – and, eventually, the injection is realized. The price is approximately 600 euros per visit and it is needed a period of 1-2 years of treatment after the first visit.