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Manifestations and complications of nasopharyngitis in children

Children having nasopharyngitis can have a high fever, even seizures. This is one of the causes leading to dangerous complications, affecting the brain as well as other organs of the children. Therefore, mothers should early identify these symptoms of nasopharyngitis in children for timely interventions.
Children having nasopharyngitis can have a high fever, even seizures
Manifestations of nasopharyngitis in children?
– Fever: usually appear suddenly and quite high of 390C, in 2-3 days.
– Children are restless, cry, eat less, sometimes have vomit, diarrhea
– Stuffy nose with a runny nose or mucus and pus in the nose and cough.
The manifestations last from 5 to 7 days and they are relieved, if they last more than 7 days, take precautions with the complications of rhinitis.
Complications which can be dangerous
The children have high fever which can lead to seizures, especially the most common case is tympanitis, children have high fever, older children will complain of pain in the ears, hearing loss, children often rub the ears, the worse case is otorrhoea, acute Highmore is in older children and acute laryngitis (the cry is hoarse, the children have dyspnoea), bronchitis, pneumonia (the children breathe hardly and wheeze).
Preventing complications
– Need wellness for children, especially those around the seasons. Keeping children warm neck is most needed, although it is not a measure can absolutely eliminate strep throat, but it reduces the risk of most sore throats in children.
– When children with sore throat level, need to be a doctor as not arbitrarily treatment drug sellers. Visit your doctor to know the specific extent of the disease and treatments, and to determine whether pharyngitis levels have complications or not; need additional treatment pharyngitis in children. When a child has a sore throat level, no treatment interruption, treatment for a few days and left. Treatment should be enough doses, enough time under the guidance of a trained professional to cure and prevent complications occur.