Helpful Advice When Dealing With Yeast Infections

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Most women tend to get yeast infections at some point. Knowing how to recognize and treat an infection early can help you deal with this annoying problem. Keep reading for tips on how to fight off a yeast infection.

If you spend time in a sauna or pool, take off your damp swimsuit as soon as you can. Avoid wearing any wet clothing as it can promote yeast growth. Once you’ve removed damp garments, be sure to thoroughly dry yourself before donning clean, dry clothes.

Avoid anything scented near the genital area. Anything from sprays to soaps to scented pads can cause a yeast infection. It is very important that you not use tampons or pads that are scented since they can cause irritation in that area. Stay away from toilet paper with dyes, as well.

If you applied cream to the yeast-infected area, do not use diaphragms and condoms. The cream treatments for yeast infections diminish the effectiveness of some birth control. You may decide to abstain from sex until you have cured the infection, especially if you feel itching or discomfort. If this is something you don’t want to do, then find out which is a good birth control to use from your doctor.

Avoid scented soaps and bubble baths to prevent any yeast infections. These products irritate the vagina, allowing yeast to grow and flourish in the environment. Also, avoid scented pads and tampons; they have a similar effect on the vagina.


To prevent yeast infections, it is crucial that you practice proper personal hygiene. Thoroughly clean the genital area. After that, be sure to dry thoroughly. You might even want to use a hair-dryer. Yeast tends to grow in moist environments, so the drier, the better.

A home remedy that is as old as time is apple cider vinegar; a solution often disregarded by common medical practice, yet still highly effective in the prevention of yeast infection. Dilute it with water, and apply some to the infected area. Make sure you dilute it first. If you have a lot of itching, add garlic for more comfort.

To help avoid getting a yeast infection, a cup of yogurt should be consumed each day. Certain bacteria found in yogurt can help fight organisms that cause yeast infections. Eating yogurt is not a cure for yeast infections though. Once you have a yeast infection, eating yogurt does not relieve your infection.

Steer clear of tight clothes made of synthetic fibers. Anything which rests against your skin also traps moisture there. Yeast thrives in moist environments with little air circulation. Wear clothes made from cotton or other fabric that provides good ventilation, and be sure that the clothes are not overly tight.

Try out probiotics if you often find yourself getting yeast infections. Probiotics like acidophilus, found in yogurt culture, help your body to maintain a good balance of biotic levels and significantly decrease your chances of developing a yeast infection. Probiotics are available in multiple forms.

Yeast infections can be transmitted to other people very easily. If you have a sexual partner with a yeast infection, make sure to abstain from intercourse. If you have thrush, a yeast infection of the mouth or throat, avoid kissing.

If you are suffering from a yeast infection but don’t like taking medication, try a herbal approach. Cedar, Rosemary, and goldenseal all stop the yeast from growing. You can douche with them, put them on a cloth and apply them, or even create a poultice with them.

If you want to prevent having a yeast infection, do not wear undergarments that are too tight and cut off air circulation through the crotch. Yeast likes the warmth and moisture that this clothing can produce.

Change up your diet to prevent a yeast infection. It has been shown that foods with sugar promote yeast, while foods like yogurt have natural cultures that keep yeast away.

Drink as much water as you can every day. Drink more than eight glasses to flush out the toxins in your body. The more water you drink, the more you will urinate. This lets you get out extra sugar which yeast likes to eat.

Avoid tampons that are scented. They may help control the odors associated with the monthly cycle, but they can cause the vagina to become irritated. Yeast infections can result from the irritation. Unscented products will yield positive results when dealing with a yeast infection.

Garlic is the arch enemy of yeast, use it to your advantage. Some women apply garlic directly in the vagina. Others prefer to take it internally. Garlic helps to reduce the itching and redness by killing bacteria.


A good remedy for vaginal yeast infections is to soak a tampon in plain yogurt along with tea tree oil. Wait 15 minutes and then place the tampon in your vaginal region. You can leave this tampon in for a few hours; it will often time take away your irritation.

If you are suffering from an active yeast infection, make an appointment with your doctor and ask for an anti-fungal cream. You will be able to function normally if you take advantage of the healing properties of such creams.

Grapefruit juice can fend off yeast infections. This is because grapefruit juice has natural anti-fungal ingredients. If you consume the juice daily, it should help to keep the flora in your body balanced and consequently keep the yeast infections away. For those who dislike the flavor of grapefruit, try adding a little grapefruit juice to a smoothie.

Yeast infections aren’t a common topic of conversation, but knowing all you can about them is key. Use these tips to effectively prevent and treat any yeast infection.