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Egg Donation Agency SUNSHINE: We will help you to become happy parents

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We are an agency for egg donation and surrogate motherhood. Our goal is to help find happiness of parenting for those who cannot, for whatever reason, do it naturally. Our agency has been involved in egg donation programs for more than 10 years. We have successfully conducted about 1000 such programs and are not going to stop. Our centers can be visited in Russia, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, and Malaysia. We cooperate with world reproduction clinics and are constantly developing in this direction. That is why we are recognized as the best agency for egg donation in Asia.

 Why SUNSHINE is the best choice?

As you know, the best are those who devotes himself entirely to his mission. That is how we treat our work. We value every patient and sincerely want to help him become a happy parent and realize his dream about it.

Given the specificity of the field of reproduction, and the importance of our work, we created all the conditions to make the patient feel safe with us:

●   confidentiality and privacy protection

●   competent and caring specialists

●   informative database of proven egg donors

●   individual approach to each patient

All donors who are registered on eggdonors.asia have undergone a medical examination, provided full information about themselves and in general, are healthy and attractive people. In addition, we will accompany you throughout the donation program, so that you will definitely become the parent of a healthy and happy baby.