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Dealing with MS fatigue can be a thing of just a few moments

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I am not going to talk about the things that I am sure you already know, like exercising regularly and eating healthy. Here I am going to talk about the things you can do to mitigate, even a little, the fatigue caused by MS. I am going to give you some simple and easy ways for dealing with MS fatigue
By this I simply mean showering with the water at a nice cold or cooler temperature setting. I personally prefer to use my water at an ambient temperature. It is not offensively cold but cold enough to energize every cell on the body.
If you live in the United States or Canada, I know from personal experience that the cool setting can really be ice cold and that is not what I mean. Just adjust the water’s temperature to be refreshing and energizing. Other solution would be to buy Xanax online.
It may take a few days to get used to but once you do, it will help you start your day much better and feel less discomfort from the fatigue caused by MS.
Keep cool at all times
If you live or work in a place equipped with Air Conditioning units, try to maintain a nice and comfortable room temperature. I normally set mine at 25 degrees which is a nice and comfortable and saves energy, which is good for your pocket and the planet
Take advantage of all types of fans like misting fans
This is an excellent alternative to keep you nice and cool. On the unit shown below, you won’t see a cool plume of water vapor spewing from it, but it does work really well, and it’s very easy to keep clean (just throw parts of it in the dishwasher, and use vinegar and water to de-calcify the other parts).
Both of these options are design to keep you cool and help you when dealing with ms fatigue. They are very easy to use and can be used indoors or outdoors with out to much trouble. This is a good solution for cooling down quickly.
Get yourself a cooling vest for fast relief.
If you want to lower your Body’s temperature this Is a fast and easy way to do it also.
After almost 15 years of living with, and coping with the fatigue caused by ms, I definitely appreciate the value of owning one. A cooling vest is low maintenance (very easy to take care of) and It is always ready to go. I always keep mine near me (in the back of my office chair) and I also maintain the frozen thermo-strips inside my freezer for immediate use when needed.Go back to top of the pageGo back from quick way to deal with MS fatigue to MS fatigue pageGo back from dealing with MS fatigue to www.ms-multiple-sclerosis-symptoms Home pageGo to