Dealing with Debilitating Neuropathy Symptoms

March 1, 2019 0 Comments

There are many different ways that the body can experience pain. In most cases, pain is a useful message that helps the body communicate with the brain. If you burn yourself or cut yourself, your body sends a signal to your brain and you can address the issue. However, in some cases, pain signals are sent to the brain by mistake. This occurrence may be caused by neuropathy that can affect the nerves in the body.
Understanding Neuropathy
Sometimes, pain is caused by damage that occurs directly to the nerves responsible for carrying pain messages to the brain. This damage is referred to as neuropathy. If neuropathy occurs, a nerve may being transmitting pain signals inappropriately, causing an individual to experience severe and crippling pain for no apparent reason.
Types of Neuropathy Symptoms                                                         
There are many different types of neuropathy symptoms. Because neuropathy is a blanket term that refers to any damage that occurs to a nerve, the symptoms are highly varied. Some symptoms may include a deadening of sensation or an inability to move a certain part of the body. This type of symptom may not cause any real pain, but it does inconvenience the body because pain cannot be sensed and body limbs cannot be moved. However, some neuropathy symptoms include severe sensitivity on certain parts of the body. The skin of the hands and feet may become so sensitive that even a feather light touch can cause crippling pain to the body. Individuals with this increased sensitivity may not be able to abide the sensation of clothing on their feet or hands or even the sensation of being covered by a bed sheet. Individuals who have increased sensitivity because of neuropathy are often forced to remain at home for their entire lives. There are very few effective neuropathy treatment options for individuals with this degree of nerve damage.
Relief from Symptoms
Because neuropathy symptoms are caused by a direct injury to a nerve in the body, treatment of the symptoms is incredibly difficult. Sometimes, effectively treating the symptoms of neuropathy is impossible because the nerve is damaged so extensively or buried so deeply in the body. If the nerve is too close to portions of the brain or the spine, it may not be able to be surgically operated on without causing duress to other nerves in the body. Unfortunately, individuals with neuropathy symptoms often have to suffer intense pain for their entire lives with only minimal relief.