Yeast Infection Symptoms

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The words ‘yeast infection’ usually conjures up images of television commercials featuring products designed for women, so it’s easy to see why yeast infections are thought of as an exclusively female problem. The truth is, a yeast infection in men is not uncommon. Since men usually aren’t aware of this fact, they may be completely mystified when symptoms arise, and might not know what to do. They may even feel awkward going to the store and purchasing ointment in little pink boxes designed for women. Luckily, there is a yeast infection treatment designed for both sexes, and it can be ordered online to avoid public embarrassment. To learn more about this highly effective treatment and get rid of your yeast infection problem for good continue reading below.


Yeast infections are caused by Candida yeast, which is always present in even the healthiest of people. Occasionally the yeast will begin to grow out of control if conditions in the body are favorable to them. For example, the immune system usually keeps microorganisms under control, but in people with compromised immune systems yeast can begin to multiply more rapidly than the body can fight it. The most common cause of a yeast infection in men is a compromised immune system. An immune system can be weakened by a variety of factors, including but not limited to:

Infection with the HIV, or active AIDSUndergoing treatment for cancerNutritional deficiencySignificant stressImbalance of pH levels


Other undiagnosed health issues

Some of these factors, such as cancer treatment or the HIV, are unavoidable once they have affected a person. Others can be controlled through various lifestyle changes such as eating a healthy diet and lowering stress levels. Immune boosting foods such as fruits and vegetables should be consumed to meet the body’s need for necessary vitamins. If this is a major concern, a holistic treatment plan may be the best course of action.

There are other conditions which may contribute to a yeast infection in men. For example, antibiotic use is sometimes necessary to fight off bacterial infections, but antibiotics can also kill off the beneficial bacteria that help to keep yeast in check. The result can be a yeast infection. This is why it is so important to avoid using antibiotics unless necessary. Do not ask your doctor to prescribe these medications for conditions like the common cold, which are caused by a virus and are not helped by antibiotics. Hormones in meat and dairy products can also be the culprit. Adopting a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, or at least switching to antibiotic-free meat and dairy products, can be beneficial for those with hormone imbalances or chronic yeast infections.


Diabetics can also be prone to yeast infections because the excess amounts of sugar in their systems provide the ideal environment for yeast to thrive. The pancreas does not produce enough insulin to help the body metabolize sugars efficiently, and all the extra sugar in the body acts as a feeding ground for yeast, helping it to multiply rapidly out of control. Anyone who suffers from recurrent yeast infections and also has other symptoms of diabetes should immediately be tested for this serious disorder.


Can a Yeast Infection Be Sexually Transmitted?

While yeast infections often occur naturally, without one person transmitting it to another, they can also be brought on by sexual contact. Those who suffer yeast infections can indeed pass on the infection to their partners. In fact, some couples suffer recurrent yeast infections because they pass it back and forth between them. Any time symptoms appear, abstaining from sex until the infection is either ruled out or completely cured is essential to prevent spreading it to your partner. A recurrent yeast infection in men is often due to an infection which has been passed back and forth between partners.


On the other hand, since yeast infections can certainly occur on their own due to the conditions outlined above, contracting one is no cause to blame your partner or accuse them of cheating. These infections can happen to anyone and are not due to lack of personal hygiene or sleeping with the wrong person.


Yeast Infection Symptoms

Since yeast prefers to live in warm, moist, and dark areas of the body, the groin is a prime location for an overgrowth and subsequent infection. In women this usually results in an infection in the vagina; in men, the yeast may grow under the penis, around the scrotum, or even underneath foreskin at the tip of the penis. Usually, the infection will involve the penis, but it may also affect the creases of the legs and behind the scrotum as well.

Since the penis is home to an abundance of nerve endings, which are normally associated with pleasure, intense pain can result from an infection in this area. A yeast infection in men will cause intense itching or burning pain in the penis, and often a foul odor as well. This odor is caused by gasses given off by the yeast as it metabolizes sugar. A yeast infection can often be much more painful than one would have imagined.


How to Treat a Yeast Infection in Men

Treating a yeast infection in men can be tricky business. Although these infections can be a fairly common occurrence, they are rarely discussed. Most people regard a yeast infection as an ‘on the surface’ issue that can be treated with lotions and pills. The fact of the matter is a yeast infection is usually caused by an internal problem.

Like most long term conditions there is rarely one single cause that causes yeast infection problems. It is usually a combination of issues going on internally and should, therefore, be treated as such. Using lotions and creams may work temporarily, but if you are getting recurrent yeast infections, then you may need to consider a more sophisticated approach which aims to treat the cause of the issue. Treating the cause is key if you want to get rid of the problem for good.

There is a lot of conflicting information as to how to go about treating yeast infections, and it seems wherever you look online the information can be very contradicting. If you want a truly complete system to get rid of your yeast infection for good, we highly recommend you click here to read all about a 100% natural solution.

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