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Why am I so tired? are you having vision problems also?

Is this question always on your mind?
Do you know that asking yourself, why am I so tired? could be the first sign of something more serious than just being burned out. Especially If everything seems to be fine but you still feel a strong feeling of exhaustion and you seem to be tired all the time.
Maybe it is time to take a closer look at what’s going on:
Did you know that feeling tired almost constantly – more like being fatigued – is a very common symptom of Multiple Sclerosis?
Of course MS fatigue is not the only symptom to appear when this illness first shows up. Along with MS fatigue – which is present in almost 90% of all patients – some common MS symptoms that might show up during the first flares or attacks are:
vision problems (Optic neuritis)
Incoordination and loss of balance.
Vertigo (This might be blame at first by your doctor to having some sort of ear problem)
Loss of strength in either the left or the right side of your body (mostly felt in the limbs)
Basically these are just a few of the more that 50 symptoms anyone dealing with MS can have. The beginning of multiple sclerosis (MS) can be dramatic or so mild that you don’t even notice any symptoms until much later in the course of the disease. For example, that’s when you start noticing and asking yourself:

Why am I so tired?.
Although I’m not a doctor, I have been living with MS for almost 15 years and I would like to help you if I can. Please feel free to ask me any questions. Although MS is different for each patient, we (MSers) feel more at ease and comfortable when talking or sharing experience with a fellow MSer, plus there is a good chance that I know what you’re talking about (if it is MS of course).
Have you been recently diagnosed with MS or experiencing some weird symptoms?As a person with MS for almost 15 years now, I know first hand about this illness and will try to answer all your questions. I would like to help you so go ahead and ask me.