Best remedies for dandruff

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Home remedies for dandruff are getting popular as more people become aware of side effects and risk involved in any chemical or other treatments. Before applying any natural remedy first you must know your dandruff type categorized in seborrheic dermatitis to eczema, psoriasis, or yeastlike fungus called Malassezia. After diagnosing your dandruff type pick any of the following remedies suits you. Most ingredients used in these dandruff treatments are easily found in your home. It is good news for you that you will get back your favorite black dresses in your wardrobe.

Natural Dandruff Remedies

Fenugreek seeds/ Methi

Soak one tea spoon of fenugreek seed in 1/4 cup of water over night and grind it and make a paste. Mix this paste in mustard oil or any oil which is available and apply it on your scalps. Use head lice comb to comb your hair thoroughly. It will clear up fenugreek seeds along with dandruff and increase blood circulation in your scalps as well. Follow this remedy every time before taking bath. It is equally good for dry and oily scalps. It is good for mild dandruff.


Aspirin is use to remove flaky patches of dandruff. Crush two aspirin in fine powder and mix it in your shampoo with which you are going to wash your hair.  Wet your hair and apply this mixture on your scalps for 10 minutes. Wash your hair and if necessary wash your hair again with plain shampoo.


Alovera gel is used to treat yeast-like dandruff (Malassezia) as aloe vera is a natural antiseptic and anti-fungal.  Apply fresh natural aloe vera gel on your scalps before shampooing your hair for 15 minutes. It will moisturize your scalps and give shine to your hair. It removes dandruff smoothly just apply get and let the aloe vera do its magic. Do not use chemical gel. Plant aloe vera in your home and take advantage of it any kind of skin disease.

Egg and Lemon and vinegar Hair Mask

Egg and lemon and vinegar hair mask is good to treat severe dandruff.  Mix one lemon juice to one Egg and beat it well. Apply this mask on your scalps and hair.It will not only remove dandruff flakes but also gives a natural shine to hair. Lime juice prevents yeast to grow further and egg removes sebum form scalps. Sebum causes acne. When sebum is removed from hair it automatically stops acne to form on your face.

Boric Acid

Boric acid is also a good natural remedy for dandruff. You can use it solution of boric acid while washing your hair. Apply any mild shampoo and mix 3 table spoons of boric acid in half bucket of water. It has a cooling effect and being a natural antiseptic it prevents dandruff to develop in scalps.


Listerine contains alcohol and active oil and it helps amazingly to remove dandruff flakes and fungal patches from scalps. After washing your hair with shampoo, mix 3 table spoon of Listerine (amber color) in to one glass of water and saturate your hair with this solution. Leave it for 5 minutes then rinse your hair.

Vicks vaporub

Vicks has anti-fungal properties and contain a large amount of petroleum jelly. It gives a cooling effect to itchy scalps and fights against fungus into your scalps. Massage your scalps with Vicks and wash it with warm water.

Change shampoo regularly

Besides using these natural remedies for dandruff you must regularly change your shampoo. Continuous use of same shampoo damage your hair. Always use mild shampoo having less fragrance, sodium laurel sulfates and active dying agents.

Hair   Oiling

Always do oiling your hair before washing your hair. People having dandruff must use a slightly warm oil to nourish their scalps. For this purpose olive oil, bay oil and mustard oil can be used.

Take sunshine

Spend 20 to 25 minutes in the sun. Sunlight provides vitamin D and it is equally good for your hair and bones. It has also proven that sunshine reduces depression. So say hello to sun every day.

Dandruff can not be removed permanently but it can be controlled easily by using natural dandruff treatments. Take a balanced diet. Always remember that deficiency of water and dehydrated body develops diseases more quickly so take a lot of water to prevent acne, dandruff, and constipation kind of diseases. Treat your problem inside out and live a happy healthy life.