Why Use Surgical Skin Fillers

March 26, 2022 0 Comments


Despite the fact that skin fillers or dermal fillers as they are also known are popular, they have some major drawbacks. Today there are natural ingredients you can use to gradually and naturally restore your youthful glow instead.


Skin fillers are a form of cosmetic surgery which requires an injection under the skin and usually contains bovine collagen or a synthetic form of hyaluronic acid.


They can be extremely expensive, painful and tend to need regular updating to maintain the youthful appearance. Some people have allergic reactions to the chemicals injected and experience bruising and swelling.


As you may have seen from many of the celebrities, it can look very unnatural and even comical, despite the thousands of dollars spent.


The best way and the most sustainable way is to use the right ingredients in your skin care. The only drawback here is that it takes a little longer to work because it’s natural, which is a small price to pay.


As I mentioned earlier, you normally get collagen from a cow or synthetic hyaluronic acid but both of these can be obtained naturally too.


Cynergy TK is an extract from sheep’s wool that significantly enhances your levels of collagen in the body. It can boost your levels of this important protein to those you had in your twenties!


It is actually a form of functional keratin that is easily taken in by the body. Keratin is essential to the structure and health of your hair, skin and nails.


It also moisturizes deep down to maintain the health of your skin and prevent future signs of aging.


Hyaluronic acid is important because it helps to promote the elasticity and firmness of your skin and as you age, the amount of it is reduced by a harmful enzyme.


Phytessence wakame is an extract from Japanese sea kelp and helps to block the enzyme responsible and significantly raises your levels of hyaluronic acid. This helps to improve the elasticity, smoothness and tone and it also delivers essential nutrients to nourish and revitalize your skin too.


With these ingredients you should be able to see the visible effects within weeks as wrinkles, sagging facial skin and fine lines start to fade. The texture and tone will also improve as the moisture is locked in.


The only reason you should have to consider a cosmetic procedure using skin fillers is if you need instant results, despite the risk associated with it. Surely it is better to gradually and naturally see your skin return to its more youthful look, without any harmful chemicals and knowing you are enhancing your overall health and well-being too.


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