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1 Slimming cheeks, double chin lose : why was a puffy face?
2 Lose weight face requires some basic rules
3 How to lose weight in the face with our tips
Slimming cheeks, double chin lose Fat: why was a puffy face?
Rapid weight gain is often accompanied by a relaxation of muscles and facial skin. The area of the neck, chin and cheeks is often the first to reveal this change. The appearance of a double chin is often resented, because it was considered an unsightly bulge very little aesthetic that adds to the faces. The face is more expressive, it is the main place of visual and physical contact with others; slim face may become a priority for many. To not let these fat settle permanently, we can act in several ways.
Slimming face requires some basic rules
The face is an integral part of the human body. Like any part of the
it is difficult to target exclusively. Refine its face will be easier also in losing weight on the whole body.Regular physical activity will help you burn overall body fat, including the face. Choose a sport to suit your taste, the running does not please everyone, why not try gymnastics, or even aqua bike Zumba? Discover here the sports that lead to weight lossEat a balanced diet to lose weight. Avoid fatty foods and alcohol that promote weight gain, too salty or too sweet foods that facilitate water retention and dilate blood vessels. Prefer fruits and vegetables very healthy and high in fiber also help water consumption. Here you will find the fruits that lead to weight loss and a list of vegetables to lose weight.You can also increase your calcium intake through the
and quark. Many studies have shown that consuming 1,200 mg of calcium daily improves overall fat loss. You can also inhale
cheese diet.Remember to hydrate yourself regularly to prevent water retention.These tips for weight loss
in general
may be accompanied by more targeted actions on different parts of the face.How to lose weight in the face with our tipsPhysical exercises to lose the face fatThere are some facial gymnastics exercises that help strengthen the facial and neck muscles and reduce your double chin.Facial exercise to slim the cheeks
To lose face weight, smile more
The easiest way to tone her face by working muscles is to smile. Smiling you activate your cheekbones and work your cheeks. It is an “exercise” easy and enjoyable for those around you, and then practices it as often as possible during the day.
A variation of this exercise is to smile mouth closed as much as possible by pulling the ends of the mouth upward face, keep the position 10 seconds and release. Repeat ten times.
To lose the cheeks, you have to wince
Another very entertaining exercise involves making faces in the mirror. Warning, do not be afraid of ridicule and be uninhibited alone with yourself. The exercise is simple: do as if you wanted to touch your nose with your upper lip and keep the pose for about ten seconds, repeat 5 times grimace.
A second face is to form a circle with your lips then suck your cheeks inside your mouth, there also keep laying 10 seconds and try again.
The hardest with these funny faces in the mirror is to not laugh.
The last “year” is just as simple: chew gum regularly. Indeed, the chewing motion acts on facial volume, especially on the chin. So feel free to chew chewing gum without sugar preference.
Techniques to lose his double chin
Sit on a chair with your back straight. Close your mouth, raise your heads up and switch your lower lip over the top as far as possible. Hold 5 seconds and then release, repeat the exercise 5 times.
Here is a second year, still on a chair with your back straight, slowly turn your head to the right, keep this position for 5 seconds. Then turn your head slowly to the left and so stay five seconds. You can repeat fifteen times these movements.
For the third technique, keep your shoulders lowered and slightly lift the chin. Stretch your lips into the biggest smile possible while contracting your chin. Smile for 5 and release. Repeat this 10 times.
The last exercise is almost invisible and can be practiced at any time of the day, even in public. Raise slightly the face and simply press your tongue on the palate.
All these exercises performed daily will help you achieve rapid improvement. If you want to narrow your face and lose your double chin even more effectively, you can complete facial exercises by some facials.
Products that can help narrow face and her cheeks lose
Slimming creams
It exists on the market many creams with active remodeling. With daily application they have a relative efficiency but still help to lose the face fat. We can advise you among other cream Expert Remodeling Diademing 3D, Skin Genesis by L’Oreal. The slimming creams are an excellent complement to the exercises presented above. What is important is to really rub the cream and then pat the face to lose weight more easily cheeks. To lose his double chin quickly, you can also pinch the bottom up to stimulate blood circulation and release more fat deposits.
Food supplements
In addition to these creams, many laboratories offer supplements that claim to be able to slim down the face. It is difficult to verify the effectiveness of these but what is certain is that they will act anyway on the placebo effect Educate yourself properly on dietary supplements you choose, check its instructions including its effects are supported by studies. It is also always best to consult a health professional to limit the cons-indications or misuse.
Losing a double chin with care and massage
Finally think about the facial massage. This can be done in a spa. Your masseur will help narrow down your face by increasing metabolism and toning of the more distributed. If your budget does not allow you frequent visits to the spa you might as well make it yourself by getting facial massage cream of your choice. Be careful to always perform a movement from the bottom upwards when you massage your face.
massage your face
How to lose face weight
You can also test acupuncture for weight loss. This is not the most common technique but one of the options available to you to achieve your goals thinning of face.