Foods That Cause Heartburn

February 8, 2022 0 Comments



There are a lot of foods that cause heartburn and amongst different people these heartburn foods to avoid can vary greatly. These foods are called “trigger foods” for their uncanny ability to cause heartburn.

Below I will be revealing 12 common foods that cause heartburn as well as going over how certain foods can become trigger foods. After reading this list, check out our recommended simple home heartburn remedies if you have not done so already.

12 Common Foods That Cause Heartburn

Peppermint – This can include anything from peppermint extract to peppermint paddies. Mint can increase the body’s production of stomach acid.

Lemons – Lemons can turn even the most resilient stomach sour.

Orange Juice – Orange juice, more so than actual oranges, tends to be a serious creator of heartburn. Many people who can tolerate oranges cannot tolerate orange juice.

Tomatoes – Although tomatoes may not taste acidic, many people simply cannot tolerate tomato-based products and this is one of the number one foods that cause heartburn. Note that some people can tolerate raw tomatoes but not tomato sauces, whereas others cannot tolerate raw tomatoes but are fine with tomato sauces.

Coffee – Coffee, especially on an empty stomach, can cause heartburn. The caffeine in coffee stimulates the body’s production of stomach acid.

Tobacco products – while chew is more likely to cause heartburn, smoking can also influence it. As a stimulant, nicotine increases the body’s production of stomach acid.

Chocolate – Unfortunately for many sweet-teeth, chocolate is well known as one of the heartburn foods to avoid.

Alcohol – Alcohol is not a stimulant unlike the other drugs mentioned here, but it does directly irritate the stomach lining, causing heartburn in many. Regular alcohol consumption is one of the top causes of GERD.

Carbonated Beverages – pH issues aside, these drinks fill up the stomach, and this excessive pressure can help create heartburn.

Spicy food – While spicy food does not cause ulcers, it certainly can irritate the stomach and is a leading heartburn trigger food.

Fatty foods – Eating too much fat can lead to serious indigestion. Fat takes a long time to be digested and sits in the stomach for awhile; eating too many fatty foods can cause heartburn that lasts for several hours.

Dairy – Dairy is a problem mostly because it is an easy way to over-consume fat. Pizza causes heartburn frequently as it combines fatty cheese with tomato sauce, both of which are foods that cause heartburn.

Other Foods That Cause Heartburn

While these are common foods that cause heartburn, some people have to worry about other heartburn foods to avoid. One of the most common ways this occurs is via a learned “food aversion”.

If you ate a food which caused food poisoning or simply happened to coincide with a serious illness, a food aversion may develop. This can result in heartburn every time you eat this food, regardless of how benign it is for everyone else.

As a result, you need to make a list of your own foods that cause heartburn so you can avoid those in the future. Simply by avoiding foods that cause heartburn, you can significantly reduce instances of heartburn and reduce your reliance on heartburn medications.