As health care increasingly calls upon patients to stay sharp and bring more questions — and, effectively, data — to their primary caregiver, our capacity to improve the standards of women’s health has never been more defined. We ask a trio of specialists about what we’re overlooking currently, how you, the patient, can improve that picture and how gynecological health is progressing.

Laura Wending, LMFT

Program Director, Cancer Support Community Pasadena

“Women can learn from each other and develop the tools to stay strong and informed and be a part of their care.”

Gary Donovitz M.D.

Founder and CEO, BioTE® Medical

“The long-term prevention of heart disease through hormone optimization and lifestyle changes is being overlooked and under-managed.”

Tadd S. Lazarus, M.D.

Chief Medical Office, QIAGEN, Inc.

“Being informed and speaking with their doctor about their healthcare options, women can ensure that they get the care that they deserve.”