Weight Loss Tips That Don’t Involve Dieting

March 31, 2022 0 Comments




Losing excess body fat is definitely easier than it appears to be. Although eating less and exercising more feels pretty straight forward, as individuals you are always confronted with the situation of either eating too few calories and being haunted by sugar cravings and a weak metabolism or exercising non-stop only to find hours later that your appetite is pushing you consume all that you have lose.


If this sounds like you, then the following strategies accumulated by top physicians can help you to lose that excess body fat without you majorly having to change your diet.


1Eat soup before a meal – whether you’d prefer to do this before lunch or dinner, trials indicate that consuming a half a can of soup more than thirty minutes before your chosen meal can help you to consume less. The trick is to consume it hot so you eat it slower as this will help your body to digest it more effectively – thus enhancing your metabolic rate – and more importantly make your brain believe you are full. PLEASE BE AWARE: do not consume creamy soup as this will contain more calories


2Don’t eat right before bedtime – there is more to losing weight than checking your calorie consumption. The foods you consume can also impact on your size. Studies by nutritionistFugh-Berman suggests that eating fatty snacks such chocolate cake up to half an hour before fall asleep can decrease your calorie reduction and increase fat storage whilst you sleep.


3Act like you live in the city – it is a well-known fact that people who live in cities are less heavy than those who don’t live in the city because of their high levels of ‘incidental walking’. From walking to a local snack shop to doing a physical task, incidental walking can quickly be incorporated into your schedule and fortunately for you doesn’t feel like exercise.


You don’t even have to live in the city to benefit from it either. Simply make the choice to swap lifts for stairs, to park a few blocks from the store so you have to walk the distance to and fromor hoover your house more and all this unmonitored walking will lead to increased calorie burn.


4Add some chilli – if you enjoy eating chilli in your diet, then this trick is a good one for you.Trials have discovered that chilli has got craving reduction qualities that can help you to reduceyour calorie intake. Simply try to incorporate up to 1/2 tsp – depending on your preferences – to your diets.


5Limit your tea consumption – the beverages you consume can add 100+of of unnecessary calories to your daily calorie intake every day without you noticing. A Starbucks mocha for example includes over 260 calories, so be aware of what you drink and bear this in mind when counting calories.


6. Try herbal supplements– if you are looking for extra help for your weight loss journey, then experimenting with a slimming pill such as natural fat binder Proactol into your weight loss system can help. Medically proven to bind up to 28% of your dietary fat intake whilst reducing your food cravings, the soluble and non-soluble fibres within this pill can help you to beat the hunger pangs established by dieting and ensure that you always in control of your weight loss programme.