Tricks for a faster hair growth

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Hair follicle grows about 0,4 mm a day, which is 1-2 cm a month. As it ‘communicates’ through the root with the circulatory and nervous systems, its growth and health is influenced by diet, hormones, medication and care products.


“In order for you to have a healthy hair, is good to eat every day high quantities of fruits and vegetables, as they are rich in antioxidants. The essential vitamins for a normal hair growth are B group, folic acid, vitamin A and E” explains Dr. Oz.


Here are some foods that help you have a healthy hair:




It is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin B12, iron and other proteins. Omega 3 fatty acids are very good for scalp health, their lack leading to dry hair.


There is even an alternative for vegetarians. They must include in their daily diet one or two tablespoons of seeds, because they are high in Omega 3.


Spinach and broccoli


Spinach and broccoli are a rich source of vitamin A and C, necessary for the body to produce sebum, an oily substance found in hair follicles. The sebum protects the hair from microbes, bacterias or microscopic fungus and lubricates and protects the skin from humidity and dryness.




Vegetables such as beans or lentil should be part of your regular diet, if you want a healthy hair. They not only provide a lot of proteins, that help the hair growth, but they also contain iron, zinc and biotin. Even if it is not that common, biotin deficiency may lead to a more fragile hair.




Brazil walnuts, in particular, are rich in selenium,  an important mineral for scalp health. Walnuts also contain alpha linoleum acid, an Omega 3 fatty acid that helps the hair follicles. A low quantity of zinc in the body also has effects over the hair, determining its loss.




Chicken or turkey meat contains good proteins that strengthen the hair. Without these proteins, the hair bleaches faster and becomes weaker and more sensitive. In addition, this meat has less fats than pork, so there is no danger of putting on weight.




When it comes for hair health, it doesn’t matter if you prefer omelette, fried or boiled eggs. It is important to include them in your diet, because they are rich in proteins, vitamin B12 and biotin, a nutrient that gives beauty and brightness to your hair.


Integral cereals


Integral bread and cereals are very useful for a healthy breakfast, due to their zinc and vitamin B content, necessary for the hair as well.  A supper based on integral cereals is excellent, because it furnishes the body the energy necessary to pass a dynamic working day.




They are known as a good aphrodisiac, but the zinc they contain is a very powerful antioxidant. It makes the hair shiny and silky.


Milk products


Nonfat milk products, such as nonfat milk or lite yogurt are great sources of calcium. Minerals and proteins in milk and cheese help the hair grow faster. It is recommended to consume two glasses of milk daily, at breakfast or during your work break.




Carrots are an excellent source of vitamin A, which helps to keep the scalp healthy and cat eyes. Do not forget! As long as your scalp is healthy, the hair will shine and glow.


“It is good to consume fresh salads during meals and at least 2-3 portions of season fruits in between meals, in order to provide the hair follicle the appropriate quantity of minerals and vitamins” recommends DDr. Oz.


Other tricks:


Choose the appropriate shampoo


There are shampoos for hygiene, for normal hair (moderate sebum secretion, thick hair follicle), for oily hair, dry hair and deteriorated hair (which was chemically treated, decolored, painted, curled permanently or degraded through excessive cleaning or a long use of waving).


Apply the shampoo two times


“Shampoo must be always placed in your palm, a not too big quantity, as we risk to dry and make fragile the follicles. Usually, you need to wash your hair twice: the first shampooing removes the sebum and impurities, whereas the second treats the follicle” explains Dr. Oz.


Do not wash your hair daily


“ It is recommended to wash our hair with an appropriate shampoo 2-3 times a week, not every day. The daily wash can stimulate sebum production and you enter a vicious circle: despite an often hair wash, it becomes oily faster or you have dandruff”, highlights Dr. Oz. If you have a very oily hair, is good to visit a dermatologist which after a consultation, will prescribe you a special shampoo.


No radical changes


Dry your hair naturally, without the dryer or the plaque, because high temperatures destroy the cells in the follicle cuticle. Use a thick towel until it absorbs water, but do not dry your hair.


“Do not exaggerate with painting your hair, do not make radical color changes and do not make a permanent shortly after you have painted it, because the hair will certainly deteriorate. Chose ammoniac free paints”, recommends the doctor.