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Tackling Milk Blister

Within the milk duct when milk gets stuck because of epidermis cell & inflames with some pain then the milk blister appear. It can also appear because of excessive pressure on the nipple or sucking or latching etc. Whenever you experience such condition don’t waste any more time to visit your doctor. Professional guidance is very important in such condition.
Vitamin E is recommended for restoring the cells. Application of vitamin E containing creams over the blister is able to give you some effective result. Remember to wash it before feeding.
It can also occur because of pumping (hospital grade pump), so try to avoid excessive use of it.
Massaging your breast will help you open the milk duct which brings some relief for you.
Just before feeding your kid taking some warm shower is also recommended for providing you some relief.
Ask your doctor about the use of ibuprofen, it can give you some relief from the irritating pain.
In such condition you need to take enough rest, though you don’t need to stop breast feeding if the blister doesn’t touch your kid. It will provide you some relief.
Prepare a mixture of grapefruit juice along with the vinegar & smear it over the blister. Allow it to stay for almost 10 minutes & then wash off.
Warm compress is also identified to be useful for treating blisters.
Lecithin is also found to be effective for getting rid of pain. You can smear the lecithin directly over the painful area & make sure you clean the area before breast feeding.