Cold Water And Fibers For Faster Fat Burning

March 20, 2022 0 Comments



When was the last time when you took a cold glass of pure water? To tell all the benefits of drinking just water, I would need to write a book, but I will stick to some basic and in our case most important things.


Water is something that we simply cannot function without, it’s involved with any process happening in our body, a fact is that we need more water than food-you can survive more without food ,but without water you are doomed to fast death. Without water our body comes to dehydration point, at that point our body is in a shock, and it stops all vital processes like burning fat for new energy and focuses on only one thing-getting the water!


So this is the main reason why you should avoid long lasting aerobic exercises or any exercises at all without proper hydration-without water sure you could buy some sports drink rich in electrolytes, and it’s a good thing when you exercise, but for sure is not great thing to drink it every day – when you feel thirsty or worst, hungry.


Pure water is always a better choice, it helps us clean our body, especially liver and kidneys, you know that liver is or first line of defense when it comes to cleaning toxins of our blood, so why on earth would you add anything more for liver to clean-I am referring to all kinds of sports beverages, soda pops and any other-claim to be healthy- drinks?


So how can we turn plain water to a fat burning substance without any chemical process? Very easy just Cool it down beside of taste that is far better when cold, our body needs extra calories to heat it up on our body temperature so it can use it properly-in that process, we come to the simple formula-every ounce of cold water will burn 1 extra calorie only for heating up, so if you take only 100 ounces of cold water per day you will be burning extra 100 calories without any effort from your side.


Don’t think that 100 calories are nothing-when you do your math for one month you will come to the number of around 3000 calories burned, which is equivalent to food that we consume in two days in one year it’s 36000 calories and that is 24 days of food burned down- think about that!


Fibers, these types of food are crucial in any fat burning diet, they make us feel fuller cause, they slow down our digestion. Lucky for us these types of foods are also low on calories, but they are rich in nutrients that our body craves for when we expose it to any diet or exercise, those are vitamins,minerals,fibers…


Our main source of fibers should be unprocessed foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and various other whole grain food.


Let’s put a side fat burning benefits that we receive by eating fiber rich food and we still receive general health benefits, fiber rich foods are playing an important role of prevention various types of health conditions like cancer, diabetes, heart disease,colitis,Chron’s disease, etc.


I hope that you have better insight now why you should put water and fibers at a top of your list when going on fat burning diet or better,changing your lifestyle and implementing it with the resistance exercise program that will turn your body in one mean lean fat burning machine.