Quck tips for Toothache Pain Relief

March 9, 2022 0 Comments



Toothaches can be a very painful ordeal but can be remedied with a few quick tips designed to ease your suffering. The pain can come on strong and unexpected, making you feel your worst at work, in pain at the game, or even sore at the store. Often times some of the deeper toothache pain can come straight from nerves in the tooth due to cavities and tooth decay. Other times the tissue around the teeth is at fault and thus requires a different remedy. Lucky for you there are several quick tips that can be applied to cure your toothache woes.


The simplest and easiest tip that can cure toothache pain is salt water. Simply take some warm water and add a teaspoon or two of salt. Swish it around in there for 30-60 seconds and enjoy the relief. This method does not last very long so you may find yourself rinsing several times a day. This is acceptable, as the salt water can actually help clean your mouth of bacteria and debris. Salt water rinsing is a mild solution that should be used on milder toothaches, or to supplement a different remedy.


Another quick tip for getting rid of toothache pain involves the use of a topical agent applied directly to the tooth. There are several brands that can be used and most of them have different products designed for different types of toothaches and severity. A topical agent such as Orajel can provide quick relief but requires some coin and a trip to the pharmacy or grocery store. If you don’t have anything to apply directly to the toothache, you can try an ibuprofen or aspirin. These usually require 45 minutes to an hour to kick in but provide safe relief.


If toothaches are a common ailment for you one tip would be to buy some clove oil. Clove oil contains a natural antiseptic and anesthetic which targets the toothache pain directly. The same applies to peppermint leaves, garlic, tea tree oil, and even ginger root. All of these work the same, simply apply the remedy straight to the surface area of the tooth and wait for results. You can even slice up a raw potato or cucumber and apply it directly to the area for pain relief. If one of these ingredients doesn’t work well for you, simply try another until you are satisfied. It is worthwhile to search for a natural remedy to your toothache pains as they are much easier on the kidneys than synthetic medicine.