8 Things People Should Know About Tooth Pain Relief

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Pain is just a protective mechanism of our body. It serves as a reminder that something in our body is not as it should be. Pain occurs when we have some damaged tissue and leads to reaction and removal of the stimulus. It is very important to determine the duration of this pain. If tooth pain lasts only few seconds, this is probably a case of hypersensitive teeth, but if the pain lasts for more than 2 minutes, then this is a sure sign that people need to visit the dentist’s office or to use some home remedies.

What your teeth can tell you?

When people feel pain after they consume sweet or bitter food, this is usually a sign that they have problems with caries especially if the pain comes from a single tooth. In this case, the tooth warns us that it is the right time to seek help.

When the pain comes from thermal stimuli, people usually experience pain when it is cold in their mouth. As previously mentioned, there are actually two types of pain – one that can pass on its own and lasts for few seconds before it completely disappears, and the other when the tooth pain lasts for more than a minute or two after it was exposed to coldness. This is a symptom of inflammation in the dental pulp and requires dental treatment in order to avoid complications.

Tooth pain that occurs after consumption of warm food or drinks is a symptom of advanced process that takes place inside the dental pulp. It is characterized by intense pain and patients usually look for help right away.

Diagnoses that are associated with inflammation of the pulp itself are characterized by severe pain and when the inflammation reaches the surrounding tissue people experience dull toothache. Pulsating pain is related to inflammation of the nerve. If such pain intensifies and becomes stronger each day, sufferers should first look for natural tooth nerve pain relief. If this doesn’t work they should visit their doctor’s office.

Finally, the pain that comes from the muscles of mastication can reflect and patients feel toothache. In addition, often this pain is reflective and it reflects in the adjacent tooth or even in two or three teeth next to the one that is actually damaged. In some cases it can reflect in the opposite side of the jaw. This means that the patients don’t know which tooth exactly causes this trouble.

We have seen the causes and the types of pain associated to teeth, now let’s see how we can relieve or eliminate it.

Toothache Pain Relief options

There is no doubt that tooth pain can turn into a serious problem and that’s why it is necessary to consider some  tooth pain relief  options. In most cases, visiting a doctor can solve the problem, but there are situations where people can help themselves with some natural home remedies.


This fragrant spice can ease the pain because it contains compounds that have antiseptic and antibacterial properties. Experts recommend chewing cloves for a short period of time, but only with the healthy teeth because a direct contact between this powerful spice and painful teeth can result in even greater problems. In addition, you can create mouthwash based on cloves.


If you are looking for a simple  toothache pain relief  solution then you can certainly try cold compresses. Take a bad of ice cubes and put it in a cotton cloth. Apply this cloth at the painful spot on the cheek. Since the ice will temporarily numb the cheek, you will be able to ease the pain too.


Place some dried mint leaves around the painful tooth and wait for about 15 minutes. Spit the content and repeat this process three times a day. Thanks to its sharp scent and taste, mint will soothe the pain and temporarily pull the abscess to the surface. Mint can also be used in the creation of natural mouthwash.

Healing herbs

Certain drinks based on herbs like plantain and sage can also support the process of treating toothache. In addition, people can use chamomile, a herb that has great anti-inflammatory properties. In this case,  fresh chamomile is more effective than dried one.


Onion is packed with essential oils which provide many benefits for our health. When it comes to  tooth pain relief,  it is recommended to put some finely chopped onion in a paper tissue and apply it on the painful area. Use your fingers to squeeze the tissue and let the juices flow on the problematic spot. Keep this compress for a few minutes and perform this procedure two times a day. The pain should be gone after three days.


Put one garlic clove and some salt on the problematic tooth. This remedy should help because garlic is rich in a substance known as a natural antibiotic – allicin. This substance destroys the bacteria and speeds up the healing process.


Although some people might find this suggestion odd, the truth is that alcohol can provide tooth pain relief. Use beverages like brandy, vodka, and the like on a piece of gauze or cotton and apply it on the painful tooth or the gums. It is also a nice idea to take a sip of alcohol and keep it in your mouth for a while. Don’t forget to spit it after that.


Chop some fresh cucumber into thick slices and place on and around the affected tooth. You will feel the calming effect of this vegetable in a matter of minutes.

Tooth nerve pain is a little bit specific and that’s why experts suggest a different approach. There are two different tooth nerve pain relief solutions and both of these solutions require the help of a professional dentist. The first one is to use fillings and the second one involved root canals. After a brief examination, your dentist will determine which option is the best for you.