Telehealth: Changing the Game

From self-insured employer groups to individual patients, everyone wins with telehealth solutions.

Telehealth Changing the Game
ACCESSIBLE AND AFFORDABLE: Telehealth is providing unparalleled convenience for patients.

Mediaplanet caught up with Kevin Looser, co-founder of WebDoc247, to learn more about how telehealth is changing the industry.

Mediaplanet: What would you say is the number one “game changer” that telehealth brings to the table? 

Kevin Looser: The simple answer is cost and convenience.  Telehealth makes access to a licensed physician affordable and accessible to every consumer.  No more days off from work, long wait times in urgent care or the ER on the weekends and no more high deductibles or co-pays. For consumers, telehealth becomes the first line of defense for the treatment and diagnosis of the most common acute conditions.

MP: How can self-insured employer groups benefit from Telemedicine? 

Telehealth makes access to a licensed physician affordable and accessible to every consumer.

KL: The biggest benefit is claims avoidance. Every time one of their employees uses our service, one more unnecessary trip to the primary care physician, urgent care or ER is avoided. If you look at the claims history for any group and isolate just the 15-minute or less visits, the cost savings is tremendous. Add to that the fewer sick days employees are taking and telemedicine just makes sense.

MP: What type of patient will benefit most from telehealth solutions? 

KL: Telehealth applies to all demographics. Healthy consumers can use telemedicine services for the diagnosis and treatment of minor conditions, while those suffering from chronic diseases can be monitored remotely for early intervention.

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