How to buy Modafinil in the UK online


This article sheds light on whether you should buy Modafinil online or not. Modafinil has gained considerable attention over the recent years, with numerous studies, trials, and active media coverage. If you are looking for an effective solution to sleep disorders or want to boost your productivity, this medicine might be the choice for you. Read on to find out where to buy Modafinil online, how it works, and how to take it.

What is Modafinil?

Modafinil is an analeptic used to combat drowsiness associated with narcolepsy (falling asleep unexpectedly and sleepiness). It is also approved for shift work sleep disorder and sleepiness connected to obstructive sleep apnea. The substance gives a feeling of vigor and alertness of the mind if you are already awake and perceive external factors. If you have the opposite problem i.e. insomnia you can buy Zopiclone online instead.

After the body spends 30% of its energy, we begin to feel the need to rest, although there is still 70% of the resource in stock. Modafinil works by blocking this need, allowing us to take advantage of the energy left.

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The substance comes in tablets dosed 100 and 200 milligrams for better control over the consumption. The dosage may range depending on the patient’s response, but the average one is 200 mg per day regardless of the indication, taken right after waking up. This also should be enough if you are more interested in the nootropic properties of the substance. 

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What is Modafinil prescribed for?

Modafinil is prescribed for reducing several sleep disorders. The main indication for use is narcolepsy (sleep disturbance with a strong manifestation of drowsiness), pathological drowsiness, chronic fatigue, and shift work disorder, and apnea. Its use is justified during shift work, to increase psychophysical endurance; it can be taken in a comprehensive manner for the treatment of depressive syndrome. Some Modafinil review articles claim it is effective when coping with the symptoms of adult ADHD, although the substance has never been approved for this. 

Modafinil deals with severe sleepiness. A specialist may also prescribe it to patients who have trouble getting enough sleep because of a specific work schedule. Besides that, the analeptic is widely used not for medical purposes (off-label) as a relatively safe psychostimulant to stay alert and active 24 hours a day. 

It must be noted that the substance does not cure the symptoms it fights, nor does it replace a healthy sleep routine. Therefore, it is not suitable for the treatment of tiredness. In the UK, Modafinil is classified as a prescription drug, meaning that its distribution is strictly controlled.

The principles of work behind the substance are not completely studied yet. It has a stimulating effect on certain chemicals in the brain that regulate your sleep cycles.

What is generic Modafinil?

The genuine substance is included in a number of generic medicines. When buying cheap Modafinil medicines, patients choose between two major drugs on the market – Modalert 200 and Provigil, each with its own benefits and applications.

Modalert 200 

This is a prescription tablet aimed at treating daytime sleepiness. It helps patients return to a healthy sleep cycle by improving wakefulness and keeping them from falling asleep in the middle of the day.

One tablet contains 200 mg of Modafinil. The med can be taken on an empty stomach or with food. To achieve the desired effect, the amount of the substance in the blood must remain consistent; therefore, it is recommended to develop a strict schedule when taking Modalert, compensating for missed doses as soon as possible. When tackling sleep disorders with medicine, be sure to complete the full course. Do not discontinue the drug at once, gradually reducing the dosage.

Modalert has a number of side-effects, which include:

  •   Headache;
  •   Nervousness;
  •   Anxiety;
  •   Insomnia. 

There may also be temporary symptoms, such as indigestion or back pain. They never last long and disappear shortly after you start taking the medicine. In any case, you should consult a physician if you come across some of the symptoms. It is also advisable to refrain from performing any tasks that require focusing, such as driving, until you are certain the drug does not cause dizziness or sleepiness.


Provigil is a med that helps you remain energetic by altering the chemicals in the brain. Its main active ingredient is Modafinil that acts as a psychostimulant, affecting mood, making you feel energetic, and promoting increased dopamine release. Due to the special mechanism of action, Modafinil does not cause euphoria, does not raise blood pressure, does not provoke a hangover syndrome, and does not make you smarter. The main indications for Provigil include narcolepsy and sleepiness caused by various factors.

The med comes in tablets containing different doses of Modafinil – 200 mg and 100 mg. The most effective dose is 200 mg taken right after waking up or during lunchtime. For a quick effect, it is recommended to take it on an empty stomach. Make sure to consult a specialist first.

When treating narcolepsy, specialists recommend taking 200 mg of Provigil daily in the morning. You can increase the amount up to 400 mg daily, but you are unlikely to feel the difference, as there is no proof that doses going beyond 200 mg are more beneficial.

Provigil also has a range of applications not connected with any health condition.

Where can I buy Modafinil online in the UK?

You can order Modafinil as a generic medicine at among other trusted online pharmacies. The website offers a handful of advantages, such as:

  •   High quality of service and meds: The pharmacy provides services around the clock, so you can purchase the medicine you need at any time.
  •   Online prescriptions: To buy Modafinil in the UK, you need a prescription from a certified GP. The site offers a questionnaire to help you get one quickly.
  •   Next day delivery: Receive your order the next day after the purchase. Only a few websites allow you to buy Modafinil overnight in the UK.
  •   Safe payments: Each transaction you perform with your credit card is protected, so you do not have to worry about your payment information.

Can you buy Modafinil online with no prescription needed?

Since it is a controlled substance, you cannot purchase Modafinil with no prescription, but you can get one by filling out a questionnaire on There, you will find all the info you need to buy genuine Modafinil in the UK legally. After the questionnaire is submitted, the website’s doctor receives it and issues a prescription. You will not have to wait for long, and once you purchase Modafinil, expect next day delivery.

Modafinil contraindications, side effects

You should follow the course exactly as prescribed by a doctor. If you experience any stomach problems during the course, take each tablet with food.

The dosage may vary between 100 and 200 milligrams per tablet. If you just want to relieve fatigue, then a single 100 mg tablet should be enough. To maintain a high level of energy during the day, take 100 mg in the morning and raise it to 200 mg at lunchtime. If you need to remain active during the night, add one more capsule (100 mg of the drug) in the evening. For the best result, the interval between each tablet taken should be at least 8 hours.

The optimal dosage is 200 mg, taken orally. Elderly people as well as patients with health problems are usually prescribed with a lower dose.

The dosage is prescribed exclusively by a physician. Most consumers in the UK buy 200 mg Modafinil, as it is a minimal effective dose for a day. It will prevent potential adverse effects from developing. If any of the symptoms below appears, stop taking the drug or reduce the dosage. Among the common symptoms are:

  •   Backache;
  •   Headache;
  •   Nausea;
  •   Nasal congestion;
  •   Dizziness;
  •   Insomnia.

Considerable negative effects include individual intolerance to the drug. In this case, you must immediately stop taking the drug. It is also recommended to avoid consuming alcohol while taking any Modafinil-containing drug, as there are no studies indicating its effect on the substance.


How does Modafinil work?

Similar to amphetamines, Modafinil makes sure you stay full of energy by tricking your brain. The substance is believed to boost the amount of dopamine (a chemical used by nerves to maintain contact). As a result, the brain ignores the loss of energy.

How to take Modafinil?

Typically, from 200 to 400 milligrams of the substance are taken right after waking up. Some people may become sleepy during the day as an adverse effect. For them, the best solution is to start with half of the dose after waking up and save another half for lunch.

How long does Modafinil take to work?

This is an individual matter. For instance, some people may experience the beneficial properties 30 minutes after consumption. On average, it takes up to one hour until the substance takes effect.

How to get prescribed Modafinil in the UK?

You cannot buy Modafinil freely. The process is always the same – a general practitioner or another specialist prescribes the drug after a consultation. Nowadays, you do not have to see a doctor face-to-face – you can get a cheap modafinil generic online in the UK thanks to internet prescriptions.

How much Modafinil should I take?

The maximum safe daily dose of the substance in adults is 400 mg. There is no guarantee that you will get a more profound effect after taking more.

How long does Modafinil last?

An average amount of the substance lasts from 8 to 10 hours, but the results may vary dramatically depending on the regime and the patient’s physical characteristics.

How long does it take for Modafinil to leave your body?

A urine test may give a positive result for Modafinil when taken earlier than 30 hours after the last consumption.

How long does it take for Modafinil to kick in?

The substance usually begins to work in an hour. If you take the substance with food, it might take a little longer.