A Doctor at Your Doorstep

Telemedicine is providing “virtual house calls” with telephone and video appointments to consult patients suffering from common illnesses.

A Doctor at Your Doorstep
AROUND THE CLOCK CARE: Telemedicine is bringing healthcare from clinics and emergency rooms to your living room.

It’s a Sunday afternoon and suddenly your child is showing symptoms of pink eye. Do you try to find an open medical clinic? Go to the emergency room?

All are options, and so too is heading straight for your computer, logging into your account and setting up a telephone or video appointment with a board certified physician. Three easy steps to medical care!

This is why telemedicine is changing access to healthcare when treating common conditions.  Illness strikes at anytime and anywhere. See or speak to a medical professional for a sickness and get a prescription when treatment prescribed warrants it. Yes, prescriptions are now available if the doctor you are consulting in real time, in the privacy of your own home, feels you need it.

Healthcare at home

Telemedicine should be used as the first line of defense for the diagnosis and treatment of the most common conditions.

Take Gloria Camp of Georgia.  “I recently purchased a telemedicine solution, because I was suffering from a major sinus and head cold and felt it was turning into bronchitis — not so good if you have asthma,” Gloria exclaimed.  “It took about 15 minutes to give them my medical history and current symptoms. Like many people, I was sure I needed an antibiotic.  Surprising to me, the doctor advised me to get an over-the-counter medication. He also called in a nasal spray and advised me to use my inhaler twice a day each day.”

“I went to the pharmacy and the medication was there in just a few minutes,” says Gloria. “While there, I realized I had run out of my inhaler. The nurse called to confirm I had recieved the prescription and I asked her to have the doctor call in a refill on my inhaler. My pharmacist could not believe the speed and ease of service.  The doctor was right; in three days I was so much better.” 

Treatment while traveling

Consumers are discovering the benefits of communicating with medical professionals for common conditions that can be easily treated, either one-on-one over the phone or from a computer terminal. Telemedicine is not a new concept; in fact, it is well-known for its ability to deliver medical care to remote areas where access to a doctor can involve a day of travel. Ever spend half a day in an emergency room for a common illness? You get the idea.

Business people on the road can use telemedicine solutions as well. The last thing you want to do on a business trip or during vacation is to try to find a medical clinic. “It took me minutes to realize how this service would change the way medicine could be delivered to our family. This service brings back the house call to families who might put off seeking medical attention because of travel or communications issues,” explains Mike Hurley, an insurance professional who has been offering health benefits to thousands of consumers over the past 30 years.

Telemedicine is not meant to replace the primary care physician, urgent care provider or ER. Telemedicine should be used as the first line of defense for the diagnosis and treatment of the most common conditions. Addressing these common illnesses has, up until now, cost consumers a tremendous amount of time and money.

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